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Traveling Jackie | Responsible and Sustainable Travel (S2-E3)

Since I started more extensive travels in the last couple of years my focus has started to shift from just traveling to travel, to traveling with a purpose. This past Fall while in Billings MT for the TBEX travel conference I had a chance to hear Jackie Nourse, better known as Traveling Jackie, give a keynote where she focused part of the presentation on responsible travel.

I've been amazed at how much more concentration there is on protecting the environment in other countries, but sometimes I think we American's feel we are starting to do enough on the individual level but maybe not as well as we could. With all of this cheap airfare and a good economy, we're starting to experience concepts like Overtourism, dealing with increased carbon footprints, the destruction of the coral reefs, the fires in Australia, and uncontrolled pollution from single use plastics.

So Jackie is here with her years of travel experience, to help us understand our impact on the Earth and some ideas of how we can do better as travelers.

Here are some of the topics we'll cover:

  • Jackie's own travel journey from Costa Rica on
  • The inception of the Budget-Minded Traveler blog and podcast
  • The biggest change in travel from 2003 to now
  • The first time using extended technology to book in Italy
  • How over-tourism has changed Jackie's travel habits
  • Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain, Peru and finding other amazing places
  • Following in our footsteps, being cognizant of where we are traveling
  • We don't have to promote places like Rome, Paris, New York
  • Being more local and diverse in our destinations
  • The podcaster and blogger responsibility to disperse traffic to hidden gems
  • Too good to share
  • What place speaks to you
  • That hyperactive need to see everything and how it relates to sustainable travel
  • How to overcome that feeling of guilt of being on the beaten path
  • How to spend your 2-weeks in Europe, if that is all you have
  • Rome in three days and then off the beaten path
  • America and the difficulty of seeing Europe without increasing your carbon footprint
  • Offsetting carbon emissions vs experiencing the world
  • Seek out companies that give back to the environment
  • Business trips offset
  • Extending a trip to stop multiple flights overseas - how she saw Bosnia's back-country
  • Green-washing and how you can REALLY protect the environment with your packing
  • Get a water-bottle with a filter and your Hep-C shots
  • Reusable straws and how to cart them around
  • A fork spoon thing
  • How do you pack?
  • Fanny packs and running belts
  • Camping and the leave no trace concept
  • Watch your time of the year. Do more good than harm.
  • How local communities are starting to work on preservation projects
  • How to lower the impact on a tourist attraction by how and the time you go
  • How are local tourist destinations dealing with protection of their resources
  • The introduction of permits
  • Showing by example how to respect where you are
  • The evolution of global warming from a political football to a real world example
  • The moment you became aware of the need to protect the environment
  • Australia and the example of helping by traveling to a community
  • The personal impact that travel creates - going beyond just stories into experience and empathy
  • Jackie's upcoming travel and group travel


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Jackie's TBEX Keynote

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