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The Alaskan Cruise Experience (Ep. 27)

Join me as I talk with Angela DiLoreto of Fitting In Adventure about her recent cruise to Alaska and her other cruising adventures to Greece, Cuba, and Mexico. We'll talk about good experiences, bad experiences, tips on getting the best deal, and more. 

We'll talk about the following:

  • The move from marketing into a business
  • Life is too short, stop saying some day
  • 8 countries and 18 states over 2 years
  • The history of Vegas and the amazing stories
  • The awful first impression of cruising
  • Once the easiest way into Cuba
  • Booking your next cruise off of that "day at sea"
  • Crusing from a Vegas resident viewpoint
  • How to not spend 10 times more for your cruise via last minute deals
  • The Travel Fuels Life philosophy is to promote cost savings so you can travel more
  • Trying to plan out a place like Galapagos
  • Having your camera in the ready!
  • Whales vs glaciers
  • Once in a lifetime adventure with Earthwatch
  • How do you purchase airfare before a cruise?
  • Getting sick on a boat
  • The recent sea plane unpleasantness in Alaska
  • Customer service pluses and minuses
  • What age group tends to do the Alaskan Cruises?
  • Shore excusion costs
  • Titanic II (the ship)
  • Standing on a glacier and drinking it's water
  • The balcony room and the midnight sun
  • The things Alaska and Vegas have in common
  • The rainiest place on Earth
  • Is there still a formal night?
  • Is the Wi-Fi still so slow and expensive?
  • Talking Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile
  • Craft Beer in Seattle and Alaska
  • What is up with Wyatt Earp?
  • Pioneer Saloon near Vegas


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