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Quitting the 9-5 and Seeing the World (Ep. 34)

Meet Vicky Sosa, a South Florida native that decided to boot the 9-5 lifestyle for an opportunity to see the world. Starting with a blog and a part time job, she asked her boss if she could work remotely and now she is house-sitting and getting to experience the world all with her stuffed travel mate Buddy the Traveling Monkey.

In this week's episode we'll chat about:

  • South Florida and Miami
  • Really? A digital nomad?
  • Traveling via the encyclopedia
  • Getting teary-eyed in Rome
  • 35 countries, some via the Army
  • Antarctica
  • Jackass Penguins
  • Abseiling at Table Mountain in South Africa
  • Abseiling vs jumping out of an airplane
  • Buddy the Miami Dolphins Monkey
  • The Instagram girlfriend
  • The Royal "We"
  • In fear for Buddy
  • Buddy and TSA
  • How Vicky became nomadic
  • Trust of an employee
  • House sitting and seeing the world
  • Cereal and grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Getting to experience a town like a local
  • Making sure you have a home
  • Using your Facebook community
  • Couch surfing
  • Singing on the road
  • Sorry to my brother
  • Grocery shopping with Buddy


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