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North Dakota and the Best For Last Club (Ep. 23)

About The Episode

Having visited 48 states, I found Hawaii and North Dakota remaining as my two last states to conquer. While researching both, I found that the Fargo-Moorhead Visitor's Center had a club called the "Best for Last Club." They actually wanted me to save North Dakota until last. So I did.

And I couldn't resist setting up an interview with Danni Riley, the Visitor Experience Manager at the visitor's center to find out more about it and then to go through the ceremony. Join me as we chat North Dakota and what it has to offer when you save it for your last state.

  • Nickname: Rough Rider State
  • My blog post about my trip across North Dakota
  • What is the Best for Last Club
  • How many members have joined in the first 5 years?
  • Inception of the idea
  • What if you don't come in by way of Fargo?
  • Why is North Dakota always saved to the end?
  • A quiz on North vs South
  • Lake Sakakawea, Minot, Williston (Oil)
  • Fargo - North Dakota State Bison (Carson Wentz - Philadelphia Eagles)
  • Jamestown - World's Largest Buffalo, Buffalo Museum, White Albino Buffalo
  • Bismarck - Heritage Center, State Capitol
  • Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and other locations
  • Salem Sue - World's Largest Holstein Cow (sunflowers)
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park (bluffs and badlands)
  • Medora Musical
  • When is summer in North Dakota?
  • The weather in North Dakota
  • Who is the youngest person to conquer their 50th state and join the club?
  • Other things at the visitor's center (Walk of Fame)
  • The blue screen of death and Bill Gates in North Dakota
  • Fargo and the arts, architecture, and music
  • Art Deco Theater in Fargo
  • Park District and Greetings From Fargo
  • Fast changes to Fargo over the years
  • The awkward "come here" but not yet!
  • What constitutes having been to a state to say you've conquered it?
  • The ceremony

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